The Shoppacart is the new, innovative personal Shopping Cart that can effortlessly load to and from your car.

The Basket is made from partially recycled HDPE and the rest of the Cart is made from steel and good quality components, observing the environment at all times.

The Shoppacart stands at a height of 140cm, is 98cm long and 45cm wide, when folded it rests at 41cm high, 90cm long and 59cm wide

The basket capacity of the Shoppacart is 100L, our recommended weight is 45lbs in the Cart basket and 33lbs on the lower shelf.

The Shoppacart fits into most cars, we have designed our 4×4 Kit Accessory to make it easier and more convenient to use on larger vehicles including utilities and 4WD SUV’s. If you are unsure or would like more information, please contact our team newyork@shoppacart.com

The Shoppacart has ingenious elastic straps that protect your vehicle as the trolley enters and exits the car. For those of you who are really pedantic, we also offer a Shoppacart Mat Accessory that attaches to the boot of your car and folds out to protect the back of your car, see how it works in our “How To” video.

The Shoppacart has a 2 year warranty, head to our policies page to find out more.

The Shoppacart is $289.00 USD, visit our shop to order today!

The Shoppacart includes a number of accessories such as a phone holder, cup holder, bag hook, safety compartment and lower shelf, select which accessories you need individually or save when you buy the All In Kit. There is also a mat accessory for your car, go to our How To page to see how you can customise your Shoppacart or visit the Shoppacart shop to order today.