New year, New update

Hi everyone, we hope you had a lovely festive season and have settled into the New Year well! It sure has been busy for us behind the scenes at Shoppa Cart! We have a few updates for you so please read to the end! 


As you know, we are using a reputable factory in China who recently closed up for Chinese New Year. The Chinese Government has actually put a ‘stop work’ on a number of factories due to the Coronavirus which has caused a couple of delays. We are in the middle of tooling up the Shoppa Cart so that it is ready to ship to all our backers, and as far as we are concerned we are still on track for delivery in May! 


We are still waiting for a number of responses to our Rewards Survey which covers things such as your delivery address and contact details. If you could please check your inboxes and junk folders and send back your responses that would be most appreciated, otherwise we will struggle to get your Shoppa Cart to you! 


For those who know someone who really wanted a Shoppa Cart but just missed out on the campaign, you can pre-order now via our website! You can also pre-order the accessories in case you missed out on the shelf or only purchased a “Standard” and realised you’d actually like a particular accessory! Click the link below to be taken to our shop!

As soon as we have some progress images of the tooling for you, we will post another update. We absolutely cannot wait for you to get your hands on your very own Shoppa Cart! 

The Shoppa Cart Team x

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