Shoppa Cart Update

It has been a while since our last update, this is not due to a lack of activity! Shoppa Cart management and design team, together with our marketing department, have been collaborating with our factory, quality control inspectors and shipping agents to organise the procurement of all the pre-orders including the Kickstarter backers.

It has been difficult, mainly because of COVID and not being able to physically spend time at the factory during the development, manufacturing and testing processes.

As you know, we are extremely conscious of quality and reliability; we want Shoppa Cart purchases to be a positive and rewarding experience so it is important that we take care to deliver something that we at Shoppa Cart are extremely proud of. Your patience is appreciated and assure you that when you do receive your Shoppa Cart you will be one of the first in the world to own one.

Behind the scenes, our testing has revealed a number of accessories that makes a Shoppa Cart easier and more convenient to use on larger vehicles including utilities and 4WD SUV’s. The images below are a small reveal of the upgrades we have been working on over the past few months and we would like to suggest that it is well worth the time spent before launching.

We were expecting to receive the first shipment before Christmas but unfortunately this is not happening. We still are unable to travel to the factory but are confident that early in the New Year the first shipment will leave and we will be able to deliver a number of Shoppa Carts soon. Once again, we appreciate your patience and to say that we are excited for you and our team is an understatement. Please watch this space for further developments, it will happen soon.

Love the Shoppa Cart team xx

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