Shoppa Cart Update

Hello Everyone!

We are writing to give you an update on the progress of the Shoppa Cart!

Even though we are working through the pandemic and there are uncontrollable delays, we are still making significant progress on the completion of the Shoppa Cart. Our T3 trials are scheduled for over this weekend so we will have a lot more to show you next week but just to keep you excited, we have completed the packaging which is all the boxes for the Shoppa Cart and the accessories, see the picture below.

If all goes well and the T3 samples are approved, we can start the production of the trolleys immediately. Our team are very confident and excited to see the progress and for those of you who have 4 Wheel Drives & SUV’s, do we have a surprise for you! 🙂 

Your patience and understanding during this crazy year has been truly appreciated by our team and we can’t wait to see you all using the Shoppa Cart very soon!

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